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When I had the idea to curate this shop of work from the public domain, well, let me go back before that...I originally had the idea of curating a shop of home goods and handmade housewares, and while I still very much plan to add those things eventually, the idea to forge down this new path came out of the pandemic. When I discovered the public domain and art curation process, I was in awe. I am an artist, I have studied art, I have ALWAYS love art. I was having this inner-struggle with taking an artist's work and selling it; even if I was never claiming it as my work, it still felt disingenuous. I mulled on this thought for weeks and what I came to was this:

The artist matters.

There's a whole industry of sellers out here selling art without any reference to the artists, and that's fine, but I want to honor the past and respect the hands and creative minds who created these pieces. The curation and preparation process is where I come in. It's a lengthy, detailed process if you're doing it right, and I have over a decade of experience dealing with high-quality, print-ready digital files, thankfully. So the question became, how do I honor the artist? And this is where usage of items in the creative commons distinction gets a little murky (do you credit, do you not?), so my solution was to select artists each month and tell their story. It's fun for me to do a mini-research project because I'm a nerd like that, but it also honors the history, which is of the utmost importance to me, personally, as an artist.

And with that, the monthly featured artist spotlight was born!

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