William Henry Holmes - Featured Artist

Updated: Feb 28

It's an honor to feature William Henry Holmes, an Ohio-born landscape painter! A great deal of the work you'll find featured in the Yore collection is landscape work, and that's because I spent a few years of my own life traveling the American West in search of inspiration, collecting photographs reminiscent of many of these centuries-old paintings.

One of my favorite things about William Henry Holmes is that he was born in a small town not far from where I sit today! How cool is that! He also shares my husband's birthday! According to The Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Holmes lived quite a varied professional life, working as an anthropologist, archaeologist, artist, draftsman, explorer, geologist, government official, and museum director (of the Smithsonian, in fact).

Holmes began traveling as an illustrator and geological-artist along with another Yore Featured Artist, Thomas Moran. Holmes' work is illustrative with lyrical lines and muted watercolor hues. His work makes up most of the watercolor landscapes you'll see in the collection, so it only seemed right that we feature him first!

Another interesting and fun fact about Holmes is that there are two mountain summits named in his honor: Mount Holmes in Yellowstone National Park and Mount Holmes in the Henry Mountains of Utah.


You'll find many of these prints in the collection!

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