Understanding Public Access Art


    In 2020, thousands upon thousands of images of famous and historic artworks were released

to the public domain by museums worldwide. These museum collections seem almost never-ending, and this movement is a part of the 'Free Culture' movement that we mention in our philosophy

   Artwork in the public domain space is old enough not to be connected to any copyright restrictions,

which is how we can edit and redistribute these museum-quality pieces. 

   As artists, we wholly believe that credit should be given where credit is due,

especially in the case of creative works of art. We began listing artworks without credit in a rush

to list our collection and are consciously making our way through to ensure that you, the art-buyer,

know the artist and the history...because it's important to the meaning and the value of the piece.

However, giving credit to pieces in the public domain is not a requirement of usage. 

So, why buy art from Yore if these images are publicly available?

Because we have poured over the many collections curated by museums to curate our very own

collection, we have professional, digitally remastered these pieces for print-worthiness

and sized them appropriately for standard framing. 

 Our digital download price reflects the affordability we feel is important

to grant access to these artworks while still covering the cost

of curation and processing. 

 Our fine art prints are professionally printed on the highest quality

archival paper using the giclee printing process and shipped in

safe-packaging, so nothing is damaged in transit. 

   It's an honor to curate this collection and at the forefront of that process

is accessibility and the joy that art brings to our lives.